Friday, October 26, 2012

The Old House Rustic Meet Modern Design by Formzone

The Old House Rustic Meet Modern Design by Formzone
15th-century house renovated by interior designer Speck Formzone with modern comfort and style. The house is located in the mountain village which was founded in 1186 and there has been no population over the last 100 years. It has two entrances and two staircases because at the beginning of two separate buildings here. During the renovation almost nothing has changed on the outside but the interior was made comfortable for life.

Many of the walls are covered with wood. Furniture and storage places have white lacquered surfaces what makes interior not only comfortable but also modern. Windows in the house is relatively small but the lighting system is installed not only provide enough light, but it gives the possibility to change the mood. The roof has two open space with views of the stunning stone roof and panoramic mountain views.

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  1. It's really modern & elegant interior home design

    Thanks for sharing