Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cool White and Yellow Kitchen

If you have decided to renovate your kitchen design and look fresh and modern color solution then maybe I will help you to make the right choice. This is the kitchen made ​​in yellow and white, which are in perfect harmony. The bright colors and can provide at the same time looks fine for your kitchen design. You can also enrich your interior with some black elements. Item contrast can make the kitchen more style and trend stands out with stunning design and excellent quality. The island can be found as close to the wall like in the middle of the room. In the second variant can be used as a room divider and allows to set multiple zones in one room.

Contrast Coffee Table Black And Yellow By Brigada

Brigada Studio from Croatia created a stylish, original and comfortable in using coffee table. Its colorful and unusual design gives much space for storing magazines and books, and there’s a space for putting your cup of tea or coffee. The lower shelf is for heavy big tomes, while the niches are for magazines and newspapers. The colors are contrasting – black and yellow; its modern edge design attracts attention; the design is ergonomic. The piece is ideal for any space – from your living room to a beauty salon. Minimalist and functional cool design – that’s a compliment to any modern space!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amazing Contemporary Green Kids Bedroom By Stemik Living

Before making bedroom for your kids you have to choose its color. If you have two boys or two girls the problem isn’t as difficult as when you have a boy and a girl. In the second situation you have to find universal color which will be liked by both children. Green is an ideal solution for that. This color is recommended by psychologists as very favorite color for children. It is quite bright but not aggressive. In such bedroom the child would be active but not nervous or excited. Stemik Living offers cool kids room furniture in beautiful green color. This furniture is ergonomic and could satisfy every kid’s need. The two-level bed is creatively combined with wardrobe and has a lot of additional spaces for storage. This kids bedroom is awesome and surely will be liked by your kids.

Best Digital Wallpaper by Stemik Living

Stemik Living gives a cool way to decorate every wall and perfectly personalize your interior space. It offers a lot of bright and creative digital wallpaper. The wide range of designs and the opportunity to use your favorite images as a basis for allowing them to find the right wallpaper for anyone. With wall covering your interior design will look more alive and unique. With them, you can forgive the usual wall of boring. You can install a beautiful wallpaper in every room - it could be suitable for the kitchen to the bedroom. In addition it can provide great freedom for your imagination to decorate the nursery. This is a very cool idea how you can make your kids happy and make the kids bedroom is best for them. You must select a picture with their favorite characters, and book with their digital wallpapers. Children's room is decorated in such a way surely be liked by your kids. More information you can find on Stemik Living site.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Graceful Wall Sticker for Kitchen Design

Thinking over an interior design of your kitchen, you often hesitate where locate cups. Hanging them on wall is very comfortable for every day use, but to acheive more simple look of your kitchen you need to put them in a cabinet, what of course is less comfortable. Collection «Tea Time» of wall stickers by Vinyluse could help you to make a decision. Thanks to them, you can hang cups and that would to look stylish and modern. Wall stickers will became attractive and interesting feature of your place. If you think that one-colour walls is a little dull and you want to be original, these stickers are perfect idea. The collection fits not only black-white design, as other Vinyluse wall stickers because it is also available in beige, brown and black.

Fantastic Wall Stickers By Vinyluse

If you live in the city and dream a little piece of nature in your collection flat, Floral is a cool idea for you. With it, flowers and butterflies will be part of a blank wall. You can make your room brighter and enjoy the spring every day. Floral is a collection of wall stickers by Vinyluse. You can choose between a large flower, bright grass, trees with birds or Chinese bamboo is available in black, gray, green, orange, red, white and fuchsia. Thanks to the variety of colors and designs, wall stickers fit any room, such as the kitchen or living room traditional minimalist.

Amazing Colorful House Design In New York

Architect + Associates Aferiat Stamberg's Shelter Island home built in New York in bursts of color. The interior makes you think plasticine figures that usually makes the child because it is a very original architectural project with colorful interiors are stunning. The main room is very cheerful - pink walls, red chairs, green roof, outside walls orange. The bedroom is agile because cute floral wall, bright yellow walls and orange nightstands. The house turned out to be crazy and very bright, but I do not know if it's normal to live in because of the color too much, but if you love tropical color scheme, try this!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Luxury Homes Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) do not want to spend too long live penthouse suite in one of the best hotels in Madrid, and do not want to waste any time at all in buying a home.

Located in the heart of the exclusive area in Madrid, neighboring Captain Raul Real Madrid, Cristiano has issued some 120 billion dollars of money to buy a house, which has 8 bedrooms, a gym, sauna, tennis court and swimming pool. Following the appearance of the house.