Sunday, December 30, 2012

Knocken Darroch House Original Inspired Sofa by Noé Duchaufour

Nature is always a popular theme for the creations. Noé Duchaufour Lawrance served Borghese new couch that naturally reminds trees because branch network rose again to keep the three pillows in place. Inspiration derived from pine trees of Villa Borghese, Rome's largest public park. Sofa looks like an abstract landscape, but all the ingenuity sofa can be appreciated if you did not put into the wall. Piece is available in two color combinations: black carbon frame with charcoal upholstery, or white frame with cushions in various shades of green.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Functional Furniture Minimalist Irreplaceable For Bachelors

Modern furniture is functional and simple is high in the saddle now. This is called a storage unit furniture by designers Seoul KAMKAM inspired by the ax sheets (A3, A4, A5, etc.) has a "Golden Ratio" that promotes productivity by keeping the dimensions always in the same ratio width: length when they are folded in half. Each section can be reconstructed or be configured in a way that you need: You can make cabinets, bookcases, storage cabinets and drawers. A piece of furniture looks like a statue, it is irreplaceable, especially if you live alone. Colors will match almost any space.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cool Electrolux Laundry Rooms

Electrolux laundry survey showed that the space available in the European average is 2.5 square meters. Electrolux designers think that's more than enough to create a useful space that could make laundry process easy and not so boring. The laundry room could include washer, dryer, LCD tv, different cabinets and boards. That's more than enough. Although when you have the more you can combine laundry, crafts and tea as well. The room should be large enough but the housewife does not want?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Amazing Glossy Lacquer with Natural Wood Kitchen Design Vitrea from Brazil

When modern design blended with natural elements the result product is amazing. Braal, the Austrian company which was founded just four years ago, making the mixture as in their latest kitchen design, called Vitrea. The kitchen is characterized by large verity of modules, their placement opportunities and their elegant look. Most of kitchen elements have brown glossy lacquer surfaces framed in natural wood. The design can easily be combined with the interior space to create a beautiful home is open plan. Vitrea from Braal is a symbiosis of quality workmanship and innovative design.

Minimalist Kitchen Workstation With Allround Wood

Paysage culinaire by Sébastien Cluzel, an industrial design student at the school of art and design in Saint-Etienne, is a kitchen workstation. This is a table with four of the most important zones in every kitchen: a place for preparation, water sources, places for cutting and some oven. There are a couple of knives, plates and pans. Every minimal detail and natural colors remain. Construction is made of wood and steel, it is very comfortable and the only problem I see is how to hide all the wiring and plumbing but it's up to your imagination. I think such a workstation would make your application skills cooking fun.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Modern Home Design With a Beautiful Blend of Wood

X The house is made of natural wood mid-century modern style and has all the modern conveniences. It was an amazing weekend getaway located on 14 acres of lush green land, while the house itself is only 1600 square feet. The living room has a fireplace suspended cool black color that makes accent. An interesting feature is the rough wood walls, ceilings, floors with intricate patterns of special wood. There are large windows that let in lots of light in. The interior is minimalist with a touch of mid-century modern, with calm colors and simple designs. The lights in each room which is unusual - they remind fireball.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Models - Models and Images Doors Minimalist

A house with a minimalist design will surely use the door that has a minimalist design, too. Because there will be no match when a minimalist design house doors or windows using conventional shaped, like carving a model example. A minimalist door has a very simple model, a simple, but firm. Even some of them also incorporate modern elements in the model to shift the door minimalist impression of a rigid door.
Here is a model - a model and minimalist door image that we can choose for our homes with a minimalist design:

Minimalist Kitchen With Fall Decor Touches

Fall has come and we have felt the icy breath, especially in the morning, and see the colorful leaves on the trees. This kitchen has a different touch maybe he fell off a brick wall, perhaps because of the colors used - beige and brown, probably because of the tress that can be seen in the large window. Kitchen equipment and furniture is minimalist - black and white plus a sleek shiny metal surfaces. Accessories and other pieces add to the charm - giant windows, wood beams, ceiling light Beautiful glass, a tap and a glass factory. Superbly comfortable room and not overloaded with detail!