Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration Paint Houses

Inspiration house paint - "character of the house reflected his house paint colors" this statement is true. House paint colors affect the atmosphere of the house itself, and even the experts were considering Sui Feng-house paint color selection. The following are some character house paint colors that you can use as inspiration paint your house.

Domestic Cat Color Red

Having the nature of Brave, energetic, aggressive, trigger emotions, and attract attention. Positively, red means love, passion, courage, strong, aggressive, independent, liberty, & warm. Meaning of significant downside is the danger, war, blood, anarchy, and the pressures.
Red color shades of orange and teracota is likely to be the main color trend in 2012.

Yellow Cat Houses

Have the nature to create a feeling of optimism, confidence, self-recognition, familiar, and more creative. Yellow can also harm us because of the message fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, and despair. The proper choice of the color yellow and the appropriate use will lift our spirits and more confident.
The yellow color that will be a trend more towards darker colors such as green curry, yellow as it will match the color combination of beige and brown.

Domestic Cat Color Green

Having a sense of wellness, balance, relax, and youthfulness. Negative aspects of this color gives the impression of them jealous, scheming, was bored, and can weaken the mind and physically. In the history of China, the color green is the color of women. Others with Muslim culture, which considers the color green is the sacred color. Green is also the color for peace.
Natural shades of the color green like moss will be busy in 2012, laying the green in the family room is perfect to make a fresh and warm impression.

Domestic Cat Blue Color

Make or Symbolizes intellect, confidence, peace, justice, devotion, a thinker, consistency, and cold. Also, it can trigger depression and doubt. Dark blue will help to think sharp, crisp look, and lightweight. Blue light will soothe and help concentrate calmly. Too much blue will cause a sense too cold, familiar, and have no emotion or ambition.
The blue color will appear year now will lead towards a dark, elegant and classic and will look natural and harmonious when combined with a natural old wood and antique objects

Domestic Cat Color Purple

Can spiritual effect, elegance, originality, and truth. Purple capable of supporting the activities of meditation and contemplation. Deterioration and poor quality are negative traits of this color.
For fans of the purple color is likely the same as the blue and darker shades of faded.color purple gives a sense of mystery but romantic at the same time.

Domestic Cat White Color

Pure color, pure, sterile, clean, perfect, honest, modest, kind, and neutral. The white color symbolizes the angels and the medical team. This color can also mean death for it connotes emptiness, ghosts, and the shroud.

Domestic Cat Color Gray

Wise, mature, unselfish, calm, and balanced. The gray color also connotes a slow, old, weak, drained of energy, and dirty. Because the color is quite neutral or balanced, the color is widely used for color electronic equipment, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and home.

Domestic Cat Black Color

Have the impression of an elite, elegant, charming, strong, noble, steadfast, and humble. Negative impression is hollow, sad, threats, oppression, despair, sin, death, or it could be the disease. Unlike reflective white color, black absorbs all colors. With black, all the energy that comes to be absorbed. Although capable of charming and strong character, but many people are afraid of the "dark". The black color is dark connotations.

Of all the characters colors above, pilihlan colors to represent your character, so hopefully you will feel more comfortable at home the color according to your character. Make the colors above as inspiration paint your house.


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